There have been regulation changes by Fonterra around “chemical residue” in all milking plants.  As Ziggy has been servicing your plants he has been changing wash settings to suit these regulation changes. Thanks to the Haigh’s for being the trial shed and putting up with Ziggy and Ian Sweeny from GEA  traipsing in and out all through your winter milking’s.



Ziggy has also installed a stand alone AquaChill package for Bill Geering in Okoroire.  It was decided that this unit would provide Bill with the best solution for his milk chilling needs. The AquaChill package can be tailored to bring the milk temperature down to your individual requirements with four different models depending on your needs. The AquaChill package is a stand alone unit, that piggy backs into your milk delivery line between your existing plate cooler and your vat. Because the unit is only running while milking it is a very cost effective option when looking at milk cooling that meets Fonterra’s proposed milk cooling requirements.


Houle Agi-Pump and Slope Screen

We have also been busy installing for Bruce McLennan of Putaruru a new Horizontal Houle Agi-Pump and Slope Screen separator in his effluent system. This was done in conjunction with Murray our effluent tech from GEA FT. The Houle Slope Screen is a very simple and efficient separator which is very low maintenance. It can be adapted to most existing effluent systems to separate out your solids and reduce your water usage. There is an Agi-Pumps to suit individual systems, the horizontal Agi pump that Ziggy and Murry installed being just one of them.



It’s that time of year again where we all go a little crazy! We remember the last round of New Years resolutions that we’ve neglected to pursue and all those things we woulda coulda shoulda done.   We race around trying to find that perfect gift but sometimes forget that a thank you and one’s presence can be the best gift of all.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Haigh family!  Colin, Helen, Matt and Merren.  You have been so incredibly kind and supportive of us.  We couldn’t have pursued this venture without your generosity.  We are forever grateful.  Margaret and Bryan Burch (Ma & Pa) Thanks for being believers, doing all the “hard stuff” and teaching us along the way.  We promise to keep trying our hardest.  To all of you reading this, thank you we are spoilt to have such great people to work with and we would not be here without each and every one of you.